Man Turns Tossed Out Clothing Into A Fortune

thrown out summer dress repurposedCreativity is looking at something from a different perspective. It is this kind of creativity that sees worn-out clothes tossed out turned into riches. Nigel Hanger is a millionaire that turned people’s junk into a thriving clothing business. His company, Kettering Textiles, has made massive profits from selling clothing donations to the Salvation Army Christian charity. What you consider junk, others are willing to look deeper and see as numerous possibilities. Take, for instance, old cans of soda. These junked cans can be recycled to make unique pieces of jewelry. All you need is a welding machine, metal cutter, and some colored coating, and maybe, you might make your millions from junk.

old boyfriend shirt saved from trashConsider creating a partnership with your local junk hauling companies. Typing in junk removal Edmonton into a web search will bring back many businesses that deal with junk removal. For example: is a junk removal company that may consider partnering with you. They may allow you to see hauls before they are recycled. Having a recycling company on your side is a smart venture that allows you access to new products and insights into new ideas that crop up.

Also, think beyond clothing! | Junk Removal Edmonton has hauls containing pianos, furniture, construction scraps, appliances, and just about anything else you can image. Junk Toss driver Mitchell had this to say: “It’s amazing some of the valuable items I see tossed away on my route! I never realized that trash can be a goldmine!”

Take lessons from folks like Nigel Hanger and advice from Mitchell from Junk Removal Edmonton. You have the ability to see possibilities in using old rags and turn them into multi-millions. The changing of perspective, just a little bit might see you become the next Nigel Hanger. Being a little creative might make you the man/woman who will turn people’s tossed out “rags” into a fortune!